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Our values


Natural materials, authenticity and artisanal know-how.

Since 1997, ZEN ETHIC has developed a chic and contemporary vision of ethnic style.

Comfortable clothes, in natural and often organic cotton, and beautiful to wear: our colorful prints are developed exclusively by the brand and printed by hand.


Our exclusive prints are created in Paris then manufactured in India as part of ethical trade.

The promotion of local know-how, respect for good working conditions, fair remuneration for the artisans who manufacture our products and the reduction of our ecological footprint are the values ​​that guide our development.

Discover the beauty of our printing process , which makes our collections so unique.

From our workshops in India, we want to share with you the authentic portraits of those who make our collections.
Printers, tailors, quality controllers, workers, bosses...

They are all proud to present their work to you from their workshops in Rajasthan.

On behalf of all these people who work hard to offer you authentic, quality products, we thank you for your loyalty!


Zen Ethic mainly uses natural or recycled materials such as cotton, linen, silk, or wool...

Since 2021, the entire " block print " collection has been printed on ORGANIC cotton.

Reducing our ecological footprint

Not only by working with ORGANIC cotton, but also by reducing the use of polluting accessories.

Since April 2020, all individual packaging produced by us has been recyclable and compostable.

In order not to pollute the soil and reduce water consumption, all water from our printing workshops is chemically depolluted and reused.

Our history

François discovered India in 1989. It was love at first sight...

He then decides to leave Paris and his career in marketing to immerse himself more deeply in this country which fascinates him with its authenticity and spirituality.

During these years of travel throughout India, François discovered the magic and extent of its textile traditions. He collects precious fabrics found in the four corners of the country, has them woven
shawls in the Himalayas and began to distribute them in France.

In 1997, he created the ZEN ETHIC brand and it was the beginning of the great adventure which continues

Fashion and home

Since 1999, François has developed an interior decoration collection, using organdis and
cotton sails printed with pads in the Jaipur region.

Today, ZEN ETHIC collaborates with stylists to develop exclusive prints, which
carry the brand's DNA, but also with Indian Artisans who promote their techniques
ancestral: “ block print ”, hand embroidery, “kantha” topstitching...

The encounter

Corinne visited India in 2004 and met François in Jaipur.
She joined ZEN ETHIC in 2005. Always passionate about fashion and decoration, upon her arrival she developed the ready-to-wear sector and prints on cotton voile.


The secret of quality at ZEN ETHIC is “Mr. Sharma”.

For many years, RM Sharma has been part of the Family and represents ZEN ETHIC to its manufacturers. He is responsible for coordinating and checking the quality of the brand's productions.

Where to find us?

Our collections are distributed in our store:

52 rue des Francs Bourgeois
75003 Paris

And at our independent resellers throughout France and in many countries.

If you wish to distribute our brand, go to the B2B SPACE , dedicated to resellers of the ZEN ETHIC brand.